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 Admin Abuse Board RULES!

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PostSubject: Admin Abuse Board RULES!   Thu Feb 26, 2009 1:37 pm

These are the guidelines to follow when making a new admin abuse post. They may be edited at any time, so check back here regularly.

Topic Title: "Reason" by "abuser"

Name of Abuser:
Other Information:

Example layout:

Topic Title: Banned by Relax

Name of Abuser: Relax
Server: Elx-Headshots
Date/Time: January 11th @ 9:00 GMT-6
Witnesses: ...
Proof: (Insert 3 screenshots here)

1) You MUST have proof. If you don't, then you have no way of proving that your accusations are true. Any posts without proof will be locked. Also, don't post and then say you will update with proof later. Just wait until you have the proof, and then post.

To post a screenshot:

a) Use XFire by hitting "Scroll lock + S" while viewing the abuse. Then, a window will pop up after you exit the game. Put a description and hit upload. Then, just find the screenshot and post it.

b) Use /autoscreenshot or /screenshotjpeg. This will save the screenshot to your mod's folder. If you were playing on Jaymod, the path to the screenshot will be something like this: "C:\Program Files\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\jaymod\screenshots"

c) Make a demo by type "/record adminabuse" in console. The file name will be adminabuse.dm_82. Then, go to your mod's folder (The Demos folder should be in your Jaymod folder, the same place that you found your Screenshots folder. If it was on ETPub, then try your ETPub folder) and upload it to a file site such as mediafire.com /

2) Only the person who made the topic, the accused, HACs, Supremes, and anyone with proof can post in that topic. Note that "anyone with proof" must have proof in all of their posts in that topic.If someone who should not post there his post will be deleted. Persistently posting in someone else's topic will lead to a temporary ban from the forums.
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Admin Abuse Board RULES!
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