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 HAC/AAT's Job.

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PostSubject: HAC/AAT's Job.   Thu Feb 26, 2009 9:00 am

First of all i want to remember u guys that there are some players who fuck up the game by Botting, like aimbot or wallhacking
This is not tollerated in TheWickeds server. The HAC's patrol around in the server to get these players away. So the game stays how it should be, witouth the aimbots and wallhackers.

These admins have shown dedication and utmost respect for TheWicked and our rules and guidelines. They are also very active on servers and forums. First if some people feel that they should have been picked don't take it personally these are the people picked. Don't ask to join, if someone feels they want to resign from HAC then someone else will be appointed.

Now I know some owners may feel a little unsure of their new level, but I assure you you have nothing to worry about if you don't abuse. All new owners will receive lvl 11 and will be under review by Supremes, Generals, and HAC's. This is a safeguard that is and needs to be in place so owners can't run amok on our servers. You do pay and HAC members don't, but you receive all commands and HAC members have an edited Shrubbot and only have about 30 commands. Those being Kick Mute and Ban and a few others that they would need to carry out their duties. Even though they have a higher lvl they do not have any fun commands like launch and panzerwar. In fact, they have less commands than recruiters do.

Since we have a universal set of guidelines and rules all HAC members will get their level on the servers. This is to overlap the times these members can be on any servers at anytime to monitor admins and pubbers a like.

So the thing that Hac's do:
- Make sure there is NO abuse of commants.
- Make sure there is no verbal abuse, like saying noob and that sort of stuff.
- Catch Aimbotters
- Catch wallhackers
- To help.

they have been trying very very hard to stop abuse and make sure our new players enjoy playing the game how it should be!
witouth the aimbotters and wallhackers

If you don't abuse then you will be fine.
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HAC/AAT's Job.
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