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 For better gameplay ;)

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PostSubject: For better gameplay ;)   Tue Mar 17, 2009 2:45 pm

ok i though i might as well post little helpful hints for you people, some might be obvious, some yo may have never heard of, and i may start off small but lists grow!

1. I'm not sure if it's on all servers but first after somebody throws an airstrike canister, if you go and prone on it right, you can block the airstrike and deny them more kills. You can also kick them away (this is if you have gone into the options ect. and you know how to kick). The same goes for grenades. Try throwing a grenade on the floor and then kick them. Sort of like kicking a football into the goals.

2. Use adrenaline if you can! The more help you can get the better.

3. Good technique is essential to victory. If you refer to victory as winning the map then good for you, however I am referring to victory as any kill, prefferably many. Lure your opponent into a false sense of security. If that means a few deaths, so what, then pull out the panzer and blow him up when he least suspects it. Go around the back door, molotovs, grenades, tank mounted machine guns, the list goes on. Use your initiative, be creative, crush, kill, destroy!

4. Teamwork is key to success! Of course you can try and be a macho man and do it on your own, even if your team sucks, its better than nothing (if they suck, just use em as meat shields). And if you are angry 'cause your teammates took the kill, stop being selfish, think about them and get back to work, you're gonna kill more anyway so why should one matter?

5. Kill lag! Do whatever you can to lessen its impact:
/rate 25000
/cl_maxpackets 100
/snaps 40

6. The legendary rifle grenade trick! It is not hacking, merely a secret and a very cool trick. If you know how to use it, then use it, however its your own free will on whether you want to share the trick with others.
Here it is! Bring out the rifle and equip it with a grenade. Then, fire then grenade and then press the button (2) to bring out your pistols. Right after this press the button (3) to bring out rifle grenade again. If all is done well then you should still have a grenade on your rifle, read to do the whole thing again! It is a little hard at first, but practice makes perfect!
(You have to switch from rifle to pistols and back rather fast). If I do it right, then i can fire about 1 grenade per second!
NOTE: This trick ONLY works in NoQuarter servers.

7. Use lean and turn on sound. But remember when you lean not to accidently have yourself exposed. When you lean if you see somebody try getting out a grenade and surprising them. Remember when leaning that there isn't anybody behind you knifing you.
Try using the radar every once and a while as well.

If you find more, then use them.

I cant think of anymore at this time, so when I think of more I'll bring em in

-Made By Relax!
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PostSubject: Re: For better gameplay ;)   Tue Mar 17, 2009 10:58 pm

l0l! Adre makes ur gameplay better when u use it but if u use it all the time, u suck balls when u go to etpro/non-adre server
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PostSubject: Re: For better gameplay ;)   Fri Mar 20, 2009 7:11 am

adren is most gay in ET Smile useless crap shit
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PostSubject: Re: For better gameplay ;)   

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For better gameplay ;)
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