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 Guide for scrimming

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PostSubject: Guide for scrimming   Tue Mar 17, 2009 2:39 pm

---------------// Beginners Guide To Scrimming //---------------

This guide is for:
-Players who have not scrimmed before but are interested in having a go.
-Players who want to know more about scrimming.
-Beginners and newbies that don't really get it.

You have not fully experienced ET until you've scrimmed. If you play with your
mates and take it lightheartedly you can have a lot of fun.

-----// Contents //-----

1. How does scrimming work?
2. Rules
3. The Team
4. Tips
5. Spawn Timing
6. Flag Capping
7 Conclusion

-----// How does scrimming work? //-----

Matches are played in stopwatch mode where both teams have a go at attacking each other, this
splits every map into 2 rounds (one attacking, one defending). The aim is to complete the
map faster than your opponent.

-----// Rules //-----

You can't start playing until you know the rules of the game. It's different from
normal fragging and it's going to take sometime to get used to how things work.
The rules depend on how many of you that are playing. There are variations of the
rules but these are basics. On 2.55 different people have slightly different rules.

-// General Rules //-
- No bug abusing
- No bodyplanting
- No stacking players to get across walls
- No trickjumping
- No trickplanting
(keep things fair)

-// 3vs3 Match //-
- No sides allowed on any map (supply sides don't count)
- No rifles
- No heavy weapons
- 1 Field Op per team
- No mines
- Using mounted MG's is not allowed (Tank MG etc)

-// 4vs4 Match //-- No sides allowed on any map (supply sides don't count)
- No tunnels on oasis
- 1 Riflenade per team
- No heavy weapons
- 1 Field Ops per team
- No mines
- Using mounted MG's is not allowed (Tank MG etc)

-// 5vs5/6vs6 Match //-
- Sides allowed
- 1 Riflenade per team
- 1 Soldier per team (1 heavy wep per team)
- 2 Field Ops per team allowed
- Mines allowed
- Using mounted MG's is allowed

-// Supplydepot Rules //-
- Do not use satchel bug
- Do not pause the game while crane is moving gold
- Some people say only one side wall is allowed (east or west)
- Do not capture flag during warmup
- The side walls don't count as sides so you can blow in 3vs3.

-// Frostbite //-
- REMINDER, never ever use the side entrance even if its open unless you are playing 5vs5+

-// Oasis //-- Do not use the tunnels unless its 5vs5+ (They count as sides)

-// Maps //-

These are the normal maps you would scrim on, but you can play on any map if both teams agree
but I wouldn't recommend some because they're too long to play 2 rounds of.
- Supply
- Frostbite
- Adlernest
- Braundorf
- Bremen (better for large scrims)
- Ice
- SW Goldrush (Shorter version of original goldrush)
- SW Oasis (Shorter version of original oasis)
- tc base
- Radar for large scrims

-----// The Team //-----

1 Engineer/Medic - The primary engineer of the team that will use SMG and do all of the engineer
objectives and defuse dynas. When an engineer isn't needed he can play medic. He doesn't use rifle
because it uses charge.
1 Medic/Engineer - A secondary engineer who plays medic but switches to engineer when two are
needed. The secondary engineer can be the teams rifleman.
1 Medic/Field Ops - A medic who plays the field ops when needed.

Any more players just need to be medics, or if it is a 5v5+ you can have a Medic/Soldier who switches in
between the two classes. You should all know what you are playing and what you need to do during a map.
Let one or two people do the engineering job.

-----// General Tips //-----

- Newbies at scrimming will always over use grenades. Yes grenades are easy kills but I've seen many bad
players run into an area timing a grenade only to get shot, die and gib themselves. Medics shouldn't be
using their grenades except when they need to, leave the nading to engineers.
- You don't have to time your grenade to 4 clicks all the time.
- Take cover behind bodies when reviving.
- You MUST have the mission timer and reinforcement timer on while playing.

-// Tips for Defending //-

Camping is a must. Lean around corners to see your enemy before they see you and surprise

Medics should put down packs where you are camping, this doesn't need explaining.

Noob the engineers, if you're camping at an objective wait for the engineer to get out
the dynamite then kill him with his pants down.

Always gib, whenever you have time you should gib dead enemies around you with a knife.
Using a knife will save your ammo. Engineers are the most important targets to kill and gib,
they're sometimes even worth dieing to gib.

Always selfkill when low on health or ammo. There is nothing worse for defending than
getting gibbed on a full spawn. They will have an easy time doing the objective. They
will spawnrape you when you spawn. Your team will be significantly weakened by your death.
A full spawn on frostbite is a lost map.

Before you selfkill and you've killed all of the enemy then you can run out of your base
towards their spawn to try and weaken them, throw grenades etc. This is called pushing out.

When your engineer is defusing, PUSH OUT. Pushing out will force the enemy back and away
from your engineer. Don't just stand near him while he is defusing and let them take pot shots at you
from behind rocks.

One medic should always be with a engineer when he is defusing. Standing a bit infront of him
can block rifle nade shots and you will take the damage from SMG's instead of him. Also heal and
revive him of course.

Fight like a puff, why 1vs1 with someone or try to take on a whole group when you can backrape.

Fight as a team, always be near to each other so you can provide cover. The attackers are
probably going to come as a group and they can beat you all 3vs1. Provide cover fire. If somebody
is shooting one of your teammates then target him, this will shake his aim up and force him to take
cover. If your teammate has low health and has covered to reload and heal you should be returning
fire while he does so they don't come in and swamp you.

Waste their time. You shouldn't be standing in the open getting hit and wasting your ammo. Move
in and out of cover firing a few shots at a time if any. They will waste their ammo trying to hit
you and won't move in until they think its safe enough. Don't bother fighting a freshly spawned medic
when your down to a luger, dance around a bit until you can selfkill for spawn.

Don't die. Theres no point in dieing and making your medics run in the firing line to revive you
when you can just get cover on 15hp. A full spawn can be a lost objective or even a lost map in

Be unpredictable. Your oppenents are going to be a little smart even if they don't speak English. If you
keep noobing them from the same camping spot over and over they might start suspecting that your going
to be there again. Change camping spots and keep on surprising them.

Hit them from the back. You should be seeing them before they see you and if you see them go
a different way you can go behind them and trap them inbetween you.

Guard all entrances. Doesn't need explaining.

Keep a crossfire. Have your team spread out covering an entrance from more than one side.
They will run in and panic with no cover.

Engineers and soldiers have lots of grenades, use them. Throwing grenades out to an entrance
before you selfkill will stop the allies from running in for a bit of time so you can spawn and go back.

Sometimes its best if the whole team doesn't selfkill unless you know the enemy are dead.
They will push into your positions.

Use artillery to stop allies from being able to advance. Great time waster.

Communicate. If you can see they're all coming 'side' or 'top' then tell your teammates.
You don't need TS or vent (mic comm systems), just a simple 'east' in team chat will do.

-// Tips for Attacking //-

Protect your engineers and dynamite.

Move in when the defenders selfkill so they lose their positions and are forced back.

Gib all you can, especially engineers.

Check your corners and suspected camping spots.

Get their spawntimes so you know when not to go near spawn and when to spawnkill.

Spawnkilling is a very effective tactic. If you can catch them off guard at spawn and kill
them they will have 30 second spawns where you are free to do what you want.

Fight as a team.

When you're moving in try to do it on a smaller spawntime so if you die you can be back soon.

A full spawn can cost up to a minute of game time, and that is time wasted.

Surprise the enemy by going through an unwatched entrance.

Sneak up on enemys so they don't hear you coming.

You are going to need to do more reviving than the enemy. When reviving you can take cover
behind their body as they have a short revive shield time.

Teamwork is most essential when attacking.

Sorry I can't think of any more attacking tips.
Attacking is definately the hard part where it all comes down to your teamwork and enemys ability to hold out.[/size]

-// Class Specific //-

Medics are the backbone of any team, a team will be mostly made up of medics and medics boost
up total health of all team members. Your job is too keep the team alive, protect the team, be
the gunners of the team. You should work around and with the engineers to get the objective done.
- Put packs down for non medic teammates.
- Kill revive to save charge bar.
- Protect engineers.
- Revive
- Careful you've only got 30 ammo, don't waste it.
- Draw the enemy medics fire and make them waste their ammo. Once they are down to luger you can go in
and finish them.

Engineer- You should focus on all engineer objectives and the medics will work with you. You've got more ammo and
grenades so use them
- Prone while planting dynamite to make you a smaller target and reduce your hitbox sizes.
- Learn what your role is and do it fast. (ie. building cp on sd2)
- Its the medics job to keep you alive so don't go running off all the time.
- Only use a rifle if you can use it effectively and if its doing better than an SMG would. Shooting the floor infront
of your enemy doesn't count as being good with a rifle. You need to be crack shot at long range and know the
trickshots, so get practising.
- Experiment with mines in large scrims but don't over plant. You shouldn't need more than 2 mines in one place.
- Rifle nade enemy rifles and MG's.
- Throwing dynamite down and waiting a bit to see if an axis jumps out at you can save you being noobed.

Field Op- Keep arty support up to prevent allies getting through an entrance
- Provide ammo for teammates. First medics, then engineers. (Medics really need it)
- You've got a lot of ammo so you can do long range shooting without worrying about running out.
- If you're worth your salt you might be able to get some support spawnkilling in.

Soldier- You are a frag machine. Only play soldier if you can be effective at killing.
- MG's to hold entrances. (Defending)
- Panzer spawnkill. (Attacking)
- Flamethrower might be nice in bunkers

-----// Spawn Timing //-----

What is spawntiming?- Spawntiming is when you know what time on the timer the enemy will spawn.

How to spawntime?- When you see the enemy spawn in their spawn you look at the timer and make a mental note of
how many seconds it is on. For axis you take 30 seconds off this time and you'll have both
of the axis spawn times. Allies spawn every 20 seconds so you need to take 20 off the time,
then 20 off that again to get 3 numbers that they will spawn on. It can be hard to remember
the times so type it in team chat to help you remember visually. (allies spawn is 30 seconds on frostbite)
- Another way of getting the spawntimes. If you can't get into their spawn then just wait for them
to selfkill and take about 1-2 seconds of that time.

What use is spawntiming?- You will know when it is safe to run by an enemy spawn.
- You will know when to spawnkill.
- You will know when they're about to selfkill and you can move in.
- You know to kill them on full spawns rather than small spawns.

This is the oldschool way to spawntime.

-----// Flag Capping //-----

What is flag capping?- Flag capping is basically capturing a flag on your spawn so that your team will instantly spawn in that area.

Why flag cap?- If the enemy are too strong to kill.
- Your team will spawn with spawn protection and be able to kill anyone nearby.
- It saves time.

How to flag cap?- Obviously you run/sneak to the flag and capture it 1-2 seconds before your teammates spawn. If you
capture it early it will alert the enemy that you are there, however if you don't cap it then the enemy
might spawn before you cap.
- If you are getting shot at then heal while running (if you're a medic)

-----// Conclusion //-----

I hope somebody finds this guide useful and learns some tips. You're never going to get a perfect player who follows all these
tips because that would be a very stupid player. The best thing to do is to think and be clever.
This guide is just the very basics of playing and is intended for beginners. Please do not flame.

Made By Relax!
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PostSubject: Re: Guide for scrimming   Wed Mar 18, 2009 3:49 am

its ok, just no trickjump or trick plant?? thats what its all about, that are things you train for as a team.
Maybe thats the diffrence between 2.55 and 2.60b (to much bugs in 2.55)
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PostSubject: Re: Guide for scrimming   Thu Mar 19, 2009 9:25 am

nice post/ i never scrimmed be4 wel 1nce with tossa in a server but we dind now the rules,they needed to explain rules for like 1 map Very Happy
but now i already now most rules... enz.

but still nice post, i will read when i scrim somewhere..

cheers cheers cheers cheers
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PostSubject: Re: Guide for scrimming   Thu Mar 19, 2009 11:52 am

nice post but isn't it better if it gets posted with the scrim team?
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PostSubject: Re: Guide for scrimming   Fri Mar 20, 2009 7:13 am

nice text Very Happy
but only bad is, that im pbbanned, i cant play in any PB server No
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PostSubject: Re: Guide for scrimming   Tue Mar 24, 2009 2:47 am

well if you're perma banned by pb its usually with a reason so, though luck, if it isnt apeal your ban @ www.evenbalance.com
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PostSubject: Re: Guide for scrimming   

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Guide for scrimming
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