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 [color=darkred]HElpfull scripts and binds for CFG[/color]

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The mask

The mask

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PostSubject: [color=darkred]HElpfull scripts and binds for CFG[/color]   Fri Mar 06, 2009 2:14 pm

Here are some scripts, which could help you in wars/scrims:


ORIGINAL LINK: http://www.sj3d.com/s2h/viewtopic.php?t=830
with thanks to ST!M

Well, okay this one won't help you but with this you can change your names only with one button:

// Nick/Name-Script

bind F10 "vstr tog_name"
set tog_name "vstr tog_name_1"
set tog_name_1 "set name NAME1; echo NAME1; set tog_name vstr tog_name_2"
set tog_name_2 "set name NAME2; echo NAME2; set tog_name vstr tog_name_3"
set tog_name_3 "set name NAME3; echo NAME3; set tog_name vstr tog_name_4"
set tog_name_4 "set name NAME5; echo NAME5; set tog_name vstr tog_name_1"[/color]

Gamma-script could help you, if the sun is shining:

// Gamma-script

bind PGUP "vstr gup"
bind INS "vstr gdn"
set gdn vstr gamma00
set gup vstr gamma01
set gamma00 "set r_gamma 1.0;set gdn vstr gamma00;set gup vstr gamma01;echo ^3[>>>]^7Gamma ^31.0"
set gamma01 "set r_gamma 1.2;set gdn vstr gamma00;set gup vstr gamma02;echo ^3[>>>]^7Gamma ^31.2"
set gamma02 "set r_gamma 1.4;set gdn vstr gamma01;set gup vstr gamma03;echo ^3[>>>]^7Gamma ^31.4"
set gamma03 "set r_gamma 1.6;set gdn vstr gamma02;set gup vstr gamma04;echo ^3[>>>]^7Gamma ^31.6"
set gamma04 "set r_gamma 1.8;set gdn vstr gamma03;set gup vstr gamma05;echo ^3[>>>]^7Gamma ^31.8"
set gamma05 "set r_gamma 2.0;set gdn vstr gamma04;set gup vstr gamma06;echo ^3[>>>]^7Gamma ^32.0"

Well, the heaven will be dark...could sometimes help you:

// Heaven-Script

bind h "vstr himmel"
set himmel "vstr himmel_1"
set himmel_1 " seta r_fastsky 1; echo ^3[>>>]^7Heaven off;set himmel vstr himmel_0"
set himmel_0 " seta r_fastsky 0; echo ^3[>>>]^7Heaven on;set himmel vstr himmel_1"

With this scrip you can do the snow or the rain on/off:

// Rain/Snow-Script

bind , "vstr AtmosphericEffects"
set AtmosphericEffects vstr AtmosphericEffects_0"
set AtmosphericEffects_0 "seta cg_atmosphericEffects 0; echo ^3[>>>]^7Rain/Snow off; set AtmosphericEffects vstr AtmosphericEffects_1"
set AtmosphericEffects_1 " seta cg_atmosphericEffects 1; echo ^3[>>>]^7Rain/Snow on; set AtmosphericEffects vstr AtmosphericEffects_0"

With this script you can un-/puase the scrim, if someone will lag or something:

// Pause

set pauser0 "pause; echo ^w.^0Pa^3u^wsE^0'; set pauser vstr pauser1"
set pauser1 "unpause; echo ^w.^0Un P^3au^wsE^0'; set pauser vstr pauser0"
set pauser "vstr pauser0"
bind P "vstr pauser"

You can change teams with buttons:

// Teamchanger-Script

bind PGDN "team b 1 8;say "~>Allies""
bind DEL "team r 1 3;say "~>Axis""
bind END "team s;say "~>Spec""

Selfkill-bind to warn your teammates, that you selfkilled:

// Mouse-Binds

bind MOUSE3 "kill;forcetapout;say_team Selfkill!'"

F-Binds for votings, screenshot and to stop your record/demo:

// F-Binds

bind F1 "vote yes ;say Yes!; play sound\menu\select.wav"
bind F2 "vote no ;say No!; play sound\menu\select.wav"
bind F3 "ready ;say I'm ready!; play sound\menu\select.wav"
bind F4 "notready ;say I'm not ready!; play sound\menu\select.wav"
bind F11 "screenshot ;say Screenshot!; play sound\menu\select.wav"
bind F12 "stoprecord";say Stoprecord!; play sound\menu\select.wav"

Create a fireteam and invite all your teammates in the team only with one button:


bind i "seta cg_autoaction 7; fireteam create alpha; vote no; fireteam inviteall"

This if for changing spawn example in supply, u just press a button and ull spawn at the command post:

bind PGUP "setspawnpt 4; echo ^r[^pAllies Spawning at Command Post Sd2^r]"

Script to change your fov (110-120 is good):

// Fov changer:

set fov1 "set cg_fov 90;echo ^o~^*fov 90^o~;set fov_toggle_down vstr fov2;set fov_toggle_up vstr fov4"
set fov2 "set cg_fov 100;echo ^o~^*fov 100^o~;set fov_toggle_down vstr fov3;set fov_toggle_up vstr fov1"
set fov3 "set cg_fov 110;echo ^o~^*fov 110^o~;set fov_toggle_down vstr fov4;set fov_toggle_up vstr fov2"
set fov4 "set cg_fov 120;echo ^o~^*fov 120^o~;set fov_toggle_down vstr fov1;set fov_toggle_up vstr fov3"
set fov_toggle_down "vstr fov1"
set fov_toggle_up "vstr fov1"
bind UPARROW "VSTR fov_toggle_down"
bind DOWNARROW "VSTR fov_toggle_up"

Script to change your max.FPS from 43, to 76 and 125:

// FPS-Changer

set fps1 "com_maxfps 43; echo ^o/^*com_maxfps ^o43; set fpstoggle vstr fps2
set fps2 "com_maxfps 76; echo ^o/^*com_maxfps ^o76; set fpstoggle vstr fps3
set fps3 "com_maxfps 125; echo ^o/^*com_maxfps ^o125; set fpstoggle vstr fps1
set fpstoggle "vstr fps1"
bind . "vstr fpstoggle"

Change your classes with some buttons, made for EtPro:


set m_e say_team "^1class MEDIC"
set e_e say_team "^2class ENGY"
set f_e say_team "^3class FIELD OPS"
set c_e say_team "^4class COVERT"

set med class m
set fo class f
set co class c
set eng class e

bind F5 +vstr m_e med
bind F6 +vstr e_e eng
bind F7 +vstr f_e fo
bind F8 +vstr c_e co

So u can soundcamp and switch/ toggle between listening ur teammates on TS:

// Teamspeak-Volume

set snd1 s_volume 0.25; echo "^5 ts changed to low"
set snd2 s_volume 0.8; echo "^5 ts changed high"

bind mouse3 +vstr snd1 snd2

ACCELERATION - its damn wise to disable ur windows acceleration, which means no matter how fast u move ur mouse, the cursor retains its speed. But. Acceleration can be beneficial. Imagine if u need that extra precision from far range to do HS and then if s omeone behind ur back u are still able to turn fast enough:


bind PGUP "vstr acc_up"
bind PGDN "vstr acc_dn"
set acc_dn vstr accel_000
set acc_up vstr accel_00

set accel_000 "set cl_acceleration 0; set acc_dn vstr accel_00; set acc_up vstr accel_00;echo ^1[>>>]^7ACCELERATION:^3 0"

set accel_00 "set cl_acceleration 0.005; set acc_dn vstr accel_000; set acc_up vstr accel_01;echo ^1[>>>]^7ACCELERATION:^3 0.005"

set accel_01 "set cl_acceleration 0.01; set acc_dn vstr accel_00; set acc_up vstr accel_02;echo ^1[>>>]^7ACCELERATION:^3 0.01"

set accel_02 "set cl_acceleration 0.015; set acc_dn vstr accel_01; set acc_up vstr accel_03;echo ^1[>>>]^7ACCELERATION:^3 0.015"

set accel_03 "set cl_acceleration 0.02; set acc_dn vstr accel_02; set acc_up vstr accel_04;echo ^1[>>>]^7ACCELERATION:^3 0.02"

set accel_04 "set cl_acceleration 0.025; set acc_dn vstr accel_03; set acc_up vstr accel_05;echo ^1[>>>]^7ACCELERATION:^3 0.025"

set accel_05 "set cl_acceleration 0.03; set acc_dn vstr accel_04; set acc_up vstr accel_06;echo ^1[>>>]^7ACCELERATION:^3 0.03"

set accel_06 "set cl_acceleration 0.035; set acc_dn vstr accel_05; set acc_up vstr accel_07;echo ^1[>>>]^7ACCELERATION:^3 0.035"

set accel_07 "set cl_acceleration 0.04; set acc_dn vstr accel_06; set acc_up vstr accel_07;echo ^1[>>>]^7ACCELERATION:^3 0.04"



bind HOME "vstr sens_up"
bind END "vstr sens_dn"
set sens_dn vstr sens_00
set sens_up vstr sens_01

set sens_00 "set sensitivity 1.5; set sens_dn vstr sens_00; set sens_up vstr sens_01;echo ^2[>>>]^7SENSITIVITY:^3 1.5"
set sens_01 "set sensitivity 1.75; set sens_dn vstr sens_00; set sens_up vstr sens_02;echo ^2[>>>]^7SENSITIVITY:^3 1.75"
set sens_02 "set sensitivity 2; set sens_dn vstr sens_01; set sens_up vstr sens_03;echo ^2[>>>]^7SENSITIVITY:^3 2"
set sens_03 "set sensitivity 2.25; set sens_dn vstr sens_02; set sens_up vstr sens_04;echo ^2[>>>]^7SENSITIVITY:^3 2.25"
set sens_04 "set sensitivity 2.5; set sens_dn vstr sens_03; set sens_up vstr sens_05;echo ^2[>>>]^7SENSITIVITY:^3 2.5"
set sens_05 "set sensitivity 2.75; set sens_dn vstr sens_04; set sens_up vstr sens_06;echo ^2[>>>]^7SENSITIVITY:^3 2.75"
set sens_06 "set sensitivity 3; set sens_dn vstr sens_05; set sens_up vstr sens_07;echo ^2[>>>]^7SENSITIVITY:^3 3"
set sens_07 "set sensitivity 3.25; set sens_dn vstr sens_06; set sens_up vstr sens_08;echo ^2[>>>]^7SENSITIVITY:^3 3.25"
set sens_08 "set sensitivity 3.5; set sens_dn vstr sens_07; set sens_up vstr sens_09;echo ^2[>>>]^7SENSITIVITY:^3 3.5"
set sens_09 "set sensitivity 3.75; set sens_dn vstr sens_08; set sens_up vstr sens_010;echo ^2[>>>]^7SENSITIVITY:^3 3.75"
set sens_010 "set sensitivity 4; set sens_dn vstr sens_09; set sens_up vstr sens_010;echo ^2[>>>]^7SENSITIVITY:^3 4"


- While running ur crosshair size goes bigger as it changes shape and color
- While crouching* crosshair goes small ( kinda like sniper mode)

set cho "cg_crosshairSize 80" // u can dynamically using BIND give cho a different value

set run "vstr run4; +sprint; vstr cho; cg_drawcrosshair 7; cg_crosshairAlpha 0"
set run2 "-sprint; vstr cho; cg_drawcrosshair 5; cg_crosshairAlpha 1"
bind SHIFT +vstr run run2

set down1 "-movedown; +movedown; cg_crosshairSize 45"
set down2 "-movedown; vstr run2;
bind C +vstr down1 down2

DeviL's class script [EtPro]:

// Classes

bind F7 "class m 1; say_team ^7#^0me^7di^3c^w."
bind F8 "class f 1; say_team ^7#^0fo^7p^3s^w."
bind F9 "class e 1; say_team ^7#^0en^7gi^0~^7Sm^3g^w."
bind F11 "class c 1; say_team ^7#^0co^7vo^3p^w."
bind F10 "class e 2; say_team ^7#^0en^7gi^0~^7rif^3le^w."

Wethospu's class changer:

// Class-Changer

set classic0 "class m 1; vsay_team IamMedic ^1Changing to ^/My Dick.;set classic vstr classic1"
set classic1 "class e 1; vsay_team IamEngineer ^1Changing to ^/Ninja-Deer.;set classic vstr classic0"
set classic "vstr classic0"
bind F5 "vstr classic"

set homo0 "class c 1; vsay_team IamCovertOps ^1Changing to ^/Sten-Man.;set homo vstr homo1"
set homo1 "class f 1; vsay_team IamFieldOps ^1Changing to ^/Field-Ops.;set homo vstr homo0"
set homo "vstr homo0"
bind F6 "vstr homo"

// Axis team and class toggle - home made - bad vsay

bind f6 "vstr tog_teamr"
set tog_teamr "vstr tog_teamr_1"
set tog_teamr_1 "echo ^4{^7Axis Medic^4}; team r 1; set tog_teamr vstr tog_teamr_2; vsay_team iammedic ^4{^7I am Medic^4}"
set tog_teamr_2 "echo ^4{^7Axis Engy^4}; team r 2; set tog_teamr vstr tog_teamr_3; vsay_team iamengineer ^4{^7I am Engineer^4}"
set tog_teamr_3 "echo ^4{^7Axis Field Ops^4}; team r 3; set tog_teamr vstr tog_teamr_4; vsay_team iamfieldops ^4{^7I am Field Op^4}"
set tog_teamr_4 "echo ^4{^7Axis Covert Ops^4}; team r 4; set tog_teamr vstr tog_teamr_1; vsay_team iamcovertops ^4{^7I am Covered Top^4}"

// Allies team and class toggle - home made - bad vsay

bind f7 "vstr tog_teamb"
set tog_teamb "vstr tog_teamb_1"
set tog_teamb_1 "echo ^4{^7Allied Medic^4}; team b 1; set tog_teamb vstr tog_teamb_2; vsay_team iammedic ^4{^7I am Medic^4}"
set tog_teamb_2 "echo ^4{^7Allied Engy^4}; team b 2; set tog_teamb vstr tog_teamb_3; vsay_team iamengineer ^4{^7I am Engineer^4}"
set tog_teamb_3 "echo ^4{^7Allied Field Ops^4}; team b 3; set tog_teamb vstr tog_teamb_4; vsay_team iamfieldops ^4{^7I am Field Op^4}"
set tog_teamb_4 "echo ^4{^7Allied Covert Ops^4}; team b 4; set tog_teamb vstr tog_teamb_1; vsay_team iamcovertops ^4{^7I am Covered Top^4}"

// Spawnpt selector - homemade

bind f12 "vstr spawn_tog"
set spawn_tog "vstr spawn_tog1"
set spawn_tog1 "echo ^4{^7Spawnpoint 0^4}; setspawnpt 0; set spawn_tog vstr spawn_tog2"
set spawn_tog2 "echo ^4{^7Spawnpoint 1^4}; setspawnpt 1; set spawn_tog vstr spawn_tog3"
set spawn_tog3 "echo ^4{^7Spawnpoint 2^4}; setspawnpt 2; set spawn_tog vstr spawn_tog4"
set spawn_tog4 "echo ^4{^7Spawnpoint 3^4}; setspawnpt 3; set spawn_tog vstr spawn_tog5"
set spawn_tog5 "echo ^4{^7Spawnpoint 4^4}; setspawnpt 4; set spawn_tog vstr spawn_tog1"

(change the text to whatever you want)
(bad vsay = doesnt work on jaymod)

// Sensitivity toggle unused

set sens2 "echo ^3{^7Sensitivity set to ^31.76 ^7 ^3}; sensitivity 1.76; set switch_sens vstr sens4"
set sens4 "echo ^3{^7Sensitivity set to ^32.06 ^7 ^3}; sensitivity 2.06; set switch_sens vstr sens6"
set sens6 "echo ^3{^7Sensitivity set to ^31.45 ^7 ^3}; sensitivity 1.45; set switch_sens vstr sens2"
set switch_sens "vstr sens2"

bind mouse2 "vstr switch_sens"
[change the key to anything relevant]

// Selfkill-Script

set killscript "kill; say_team ^3{^7BliZZarD ^3- ^7Slash Kill^3}
bind z vstr killscript

// Weapon switcher

bind q "vstr weapon_tog"
set weapon_tog "vstr weapon_tog1"
set weapon_tog1 "echo ^4{^7Pistols^4};weaponbank 2; set weapon_tog vstr weapon_tog2"
set weapon_tog2 "echo ^4{^7Machine Gun^4}; weaponbank 3; set weapon_tog vstr weapon_tog1"

Assassin's draw on/off script:

// Draw crosshair, timer, ect. ON/OFF

bind "f11" "vstr drawc"
set drawc1 "set cg_crosshairSize 0; set drawc vstr drawc2"
set drawc2 "set cg_crosshairSize 32; set drawc vstr drawc1"
set drawc "vstr drawc1"

bind "f12" "vstr draw"
set draw1 "set cg_draw2D 0; set draw vstr draw2"
set draw2 "set cg_draw2D 1; set draw vstr draw1"
set draw "vstr draw1"

// With Keypad-+ you can toggle (you should be medic or field ops):
- 1st push: Select med-pack/ammo and keep throwing it in front of you.
- 2nd push: Turns you around while you are throwing the packs.
- 3th push: Shuts everything down and put you in normal mode.

bind "KP_Plus" "vstr att"
set att1 "weaponbank 6; +attack; set att vstr att2"
set att2 "+right; set att vstr att3"
set att3 "weaponbank 3; -right; -attack; set att vstr att1"
set att "vstr att1"

Normally your stats tab will open when you push the "Alt" button and close when you release the button.
With this script you will open the stats tab and the topshots tab with the "Alt" buttom and close it by pushing it again.

bind "alt" "vstr stats"
set stats1 "+stats; +topshots; set stats vstr stats2"
set stats2 "-stats; -topshots; set stats vstr stats1"
set stats "vstr stats1"

This script will open your ET with your chosen resolution.

set r_mode "-1"
set r_customwidth "1680"
set r_customheight "1050"

Or you can put this in your cfg and do /modelist on ET. You'll see a list with all numbers compared with their resolutions.

set r_mode "<number>"

You will connect to S2H funserver when you push a specified button.
bind "n" "connect"

©️ Copyright by Stim, Kane, nw, DeviL, Jonny,Wethospu & Assassin.
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PostSubject: Re: [color=darkred]HElpfull scripts and binds for CFG[/color]   Sat Mar 07, 2009 2:13 am

lol i look at topic
its that muche??
i can scroll all the way down =D
but its prety good for ppl iff they want it. Razz

Good Job..
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PostSubject: Re: [color=darkred]HElpfull scripts and binds for CFG[/color]   Sat Mar 07, 2009 9:07 am

Good Job!
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The mask

The mask

Number of posts : 21
Registration date : 2009-03-01

PostSubject: Re: [color=darkred]HElpfull scripts and binds for CFG[/color]   Sun Mar 08, 2009 7:50 am

thx Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: [color=darkred]HElpfull scripts and binds for CFG[/color]   

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[color=darkred]HElpfull scripts and binds for CFG[/color]
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